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The Malaria Initiative

The Novartis Malaria Initiative focuses on improving access to treatment, helping communities in malaria-endemic countries deliver better healthcare and investing in research and development into the next generation of antimalarials. Over the past decade, the initiative has become one of the largest access-to-medicine programs in the healthcare industry, measured by the number of patients reached annually.

Since 2001, working with a range of organizations, we have provided more than 750 million treatments for adults and children, without profit, to more than 60 malaria-endemic countries, contributing to a significant reduction of the death toll from malaria, mostly infants and children. We are proud of the remarkable public health milestones these collaborations have helped to achieve.

Leading the path toward Malaria elimination

Two decades of public health milestones

License agreement signed between Novartis and Chinese partners
Novartis commits to make the fight against malaria a key aspect of the company’s access-to-medicine programs
First regulatory approvals for Novartis ACT in Africa (Gabon), Switzerland and UK
The Novartis ACT is the first one brought to market in a fixed-dose form
Signed Memorandum of Understanding with the WHO to supply Novartis ACT without profit to the public sector
The Novartis treatment is the first ACT listed on the WHO’s Model List of Essential Medicines
Novartis is the first company to obtain WHO prequalification for its ACT
Production scale-up to 100 million treatment capacity per year
Start of best practice sharing workshops with national malaria control program managers
Driven by economies of scale, Novartis more than halves the price of its ACT
Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council Award
Prof. Zhou Yi-qing recognized as “Inventor of the Year” for the Novartis ACT
Launch of the dispersible pediatric treatment with MMV
The Novartis antimalarial treatment is the first ACT approved by the US FDA
Prix Galien USA
World Business and Development Award, United Nations
Award for Corporate Social Responsibility by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals
Novartis Malaria Initiative honored with the World Business and Development Award by the UN Development Program, the International Chamber of Commerce and the International Business Leaders Forum for its contribution to the MDGs
Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award for SMS for Life
GBC Business Action on Health Awards for SMS for Life
SMS for Life honored with a catalytic grant from the UN Foundation and the mHealth Alliance
100 million Novartis ACT treatments delivered in 2011 and a total of 100 million dispersible pediatric treatments delivered since 2009
500 million Novartis ACT treatments delivered to patients
Novartis joins forces with Malaria No More on Power of One, a campaign to rally the global public to fight malaria
Nigeria is the first country worldwide to launch the new Novartis ACT in the private market reducing the treatment course to 6 tablets (from 24)
SMS for Life wins Ethical Corporation Award for Best Corporate/NGO Partnership and is recognized among the top 100 innovative solutions at the forefront of sustainable transformation by Sustainia
Novartis awarded with Malaria No More’s Global Corporate Citizenship Award for its leading role in the fight against malaria
Novartis reaches milestone of providing 700 million treatments without profit to malaria-endemic countries, of which 250 million dispersible pediatric treatments since 2009
Novartis builds strong antimalarial pipeline with two new compounds in Phase 2 clinical development
Through Power of One, Novartis associates help raise USD 500,000 to provide treatments for children with malaria
Power of One: 3 million pediatric treatments delivered to Zambia and 600,000 to Kenya
300 million dispersible pediatric treatments delivered by Novartis since 2009 without profit
Novartis new dosage strength ACT receives WHO prequalification, making it the first AL with a reduced pill burden for public sector procurement
Dr Youyou Tu receives the Nobel Prize for her discovery of artemisinin in 1972
Novartis announces it will lead the development of antimalarial compound KAF156 with scientific and financial support from Medicines for Malaria Venture in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation